Trauma Release Therapy

TRE (Trauma Releasing Exercises)

TRE, or Trauma Releasing Exercises, is an innovative, body-based movement therapy that activates our natural tremor mechanism, releasing both physical and emotional trauma and re-regulating the nervous system.

The Tremor Mechanism

Tremoring or shaking is a natural reflex for all mammals that keeps the nervous system regulated. When there is a perceived threat and the body enters a sympathetic state (fight/flight/freeze), wild mammals will tremor to release this energetic charge. This tremoring allows their nervous systems to return to normal after the threat passes. Humans, however, are the only mammals that have been conditioned to suppress this tremor mechanism. Throughout life, when we experience both major and minor traumatic or stressful events, our bodies store this energetic charge, and it becomes trapped in our bodies. As a result, our nervous systems become overloaded and dysregulated, leading to a host of physical ailments like inflammation, chronic pain, anxiety, depression, migraines, problems focusing, IBS/digestive issues, asthma, obesity, and autoimmune disorders.

By safely reintroducing tremoring to the body with TRE, we’re able to release this deeply stored emotional and physical trauma and reregulate the nervous system. When done on a regular basis, clients report better mood, calmness, less pain, increased flexibility, decreased inflammation, weight loss, improved digestive function, and an elevated sense of overall wellbeing.

How Are Sessions Conducted?

TRE is done virtually over Zoom in the comfort of your home. During our sessions I will guide you through a set of 7 specific body movements that are designed to fatigue the muscles that control our natural tremor mechanism. We will also focus on breath work and mindfulness, and I will monitor you carefully once you begin tremoring. When done in a controlled and guided environment, tremoring safely allows the body to release long term suppressed energy and brings our minds and bodies back to a more level baseline. Unlike other therapeutic modalities that require ongoing visits with a practitioner, after about only 3-4 sessions clients have the tools and knowledge to start a regular TRE practice on their own.

How Often Do I Practice TRE?

After your initial session, you can begin to explore tremoring on your own. As part of a regular wellness routine and to maintain a regulated nervous system, tremoring is recommended 2-3 times a week no longer than 15 minutes each time.

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