Massage Intuition

About the Company

Massage Intuition Philly was founded on the idea that massage therapy and holistic care should be available to clients in a way that fits their individual needs, health goals, and lifestyle. In my practice, I use an integrative massage technique that incorporates multiple modalities to treat your specific problem areas. I’m committed to working with clients to customize each massage therapy session to address both immediate and long-term wellness goals and promote overall well-being.

For clients who are interested in healing from emotional or physical trauma, I also offer an innovative trauma release therapy called TRE or Trauma Releasing Exercises. TRE is a body-based movement therapy that reregulates the nervous system, releases deeply held emotional and physical trauma and calms the mind and body. TRE treats a host of nervous system-based ailments and is ideal for anyone suffering from anxiety, depression, ADHD, chronic pain, autoimmune disorders, digestive issues, inflammation, sleep disorders, PTSD, emotional trauma, and long-term physical injuries. 

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